Love in Seattle

Wow, I’m feeling like a grown-up! My friends got married this weekend! Brian and I traveled to Seattle last week to attend Nick and Kim’s wedding and got to spend some time in the city beforehand exploring with our friends. I was so excited to see a new city (even though I read an article about how Seattle is long overdue for a huge earthquake/tsunami right before leaving) and it did not disappoint!

Here’s some pictures and stuff we did for a great 3.5 days in Seattle!

Pike Place

We stayed in an AirBnb in Beacon Hill which was right near the LINK light rail, which ended up being really convenient. We also rented a Zipcar for a few days to get around to some farther places and to get to the wedding!

After arriving, we met our friends in Pike/Pine and hit up some thrift stores (my friend Amy is amazing at finding awesome stuff at thrift stores! That’s one skill I do not possess) and ate dinner at Quinn’s. Brian got fish and chips and the gals and I split a Wild Boar Sloppy Joe (yum), grilled mushrooms (yum), and tempura green beans (YUM!).

The next morning we made our way downtown towards Pike Place Market. We ended up hitting the Great Wheel of Seattle first. It was a great start to our trip! We got views of the Space Needle and Mount Rainier. After our spin around the wheel, we trekked up the gum alley (just imagine the smell!) to Pike Place Market. I thought the market would be really tourist and blah but it was so amazing! We got coffees and I got an “iced smog” which was an iced latte with vanilla syrup and some earl gray tea. It was deeeeelicious. The produce and flowers will blow your mind with their freshness and size. Everything looked so lovely! We tasted our way through by crab grilled cheese, slushy apple cider, greek yogurt, fresh peaches, and chocolate covered cherries. There’s also some cool stores on the lower levels.

Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier and Century Link Field from the Great Wheel

Sunflowers Carrots

Peaches Crab

Gum Alley

Gum Alley

That afternoon we went back to Pike/Pine and got ice cream at Molly Moon’s, then did some more shopping at a record store and a book store. We ended up at a bar for happy hour and got our $2 fried cheese curds on. After some drinks, our friends beat us at pool and it was time for us all to head back for the night (you may be thinking, wow, that’s pretty early! You would be right. We were totally jet-lagged and still on East Coast time).

The next day we went to the International District. We went to an awesome Japanese grocery store called Uwajimaya where Amy introduced us to Melona bars which are creamy Honeydew flavored popsicles. (They also come in Strawberry, Banana, and Mango) They are amazing. Next time you’re at a Japanese grocery, I highly recommend you pick one up. We got some lunch down there, at Red Lantern. We all enjoyed our food which came with “roasted corn tea.” We were mightily confused by that one….

Red Lantern

Thursday was beach day where we got to hang out with the busy bride and groom so we headed up to Ballard to do some shopping on our way to Golden Gardens beach. It was a beautiful sunset over the sound!

Golden Gardens

Sunset over the beach

Friday was our last free day and we decided to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island. It’s a great view of Seattle from the boat and there’s a cute little downtown area a short walk from the ferry landing. We did a wine and cheese tasting and hit a thrift store (Amy and I found an awesome orange knit skirt/sweater combo) and the Bainbridge art museum. Later that day we decided to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner at Toulouse Petit. It was amazing! All the food was great but dessert was my favorite part! I got buttermilk beignets with coffee/chicory sauce!

Ferris Wheel

The Great Wheel from the Bainbridge Island Ferry


Seattle view from the ferry


Beignets and Coffee Sauce at Toulouse Petit

What you can’t see in that last pic is that I took a bite of one before I remembered to take a picture!
Saturday was the wedding which was at a super cute park in Kenmore.

Nick and Kim

Aren’t they adorable!?

We had a great time at the wedding and in Seattle in general! Guess we’ll be visiting Nick and Kim again soon! All the best to them in this next stage of their life together ❤

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