Catskills, Year Two

Brian and I took a nice little trip up to the Catskills again last weekend for the 4th of July. You can see what we did last year here. Last year we stuck to cities and sites off of Route 28 and this year we were staying off 23A. Here’s what we ended up doing this year.

We left early Friday morning and stopped in Beacon on our way up. We decided to check out Mount Beacon, not thinking we’d climb the whole trail since it’s quite steep and rocky. The trail follows the old rail path up to the top of the mountain. There’s a stairway near the beginning of the trail and we thought we’d just walk up there and see we what we could. It was still blocked by tress and so we figured we’d keep going. We kept pushing ourselves up the punishing hill and finally made it to the top to awesome views of Beacon, the Hudson, Newburgh and the Catskills in the distance. There’s also some ruins from the old funicular, casino and hotel.

Mount Beacon

The view from Mount Beacon

After a great lunch in Beacon at The Hop, we checked in to the hotel and took a nap. We had dinner in Windham at Cave Mountain Brewing. The food was just bar food but pretty good! ย The next day, it was raining and we headed towards the Hudson to Catskill and Athens. No one was around so we walked around Catskill in a break in the rain. We ended up following this guide to Athens from Escape Brooklyn and went to BlackHorse Farms (we got some good cookies, treats, and even some sale succulents!) and the Coxsackie Antique Center. ย We found a cool poster of a Vogue cover from 1922 to take home. We went back to Athens to Crossroads Brewing for lunch. We loved it! Brian loved his beer and really liked our oyster po boys too.

Catskill, NY

Cats of Catskill

The rain cleared up after that and we explored some more of the Catskills area around our hotel. We wanted to go back to Maine Black Bear for dinner, but they were out of food! We ended up at a weird place down the street and headed to Margaretville for the fireworks. We went there last year and it was a great display so we were excited for this year. Well, it wasn’t windy enough or something and there was a great cloud of smoke, blocking all the fireworks! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I got a couple pictures in though.


Brian had a show Sunday so we headed out early and stopped at Tantillo’s Farm near New Paltz to pick some cherries. We had a good time picking sour cherries for a pie!



Yum! You gotta make it out to the Catskills/Hudson Valley soon!


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