The Perfect Fruit Smoothie

My mom often made smoothies for me and my brother when we were kids for a special treat and now Brian and I also love to make them for a healthy dessert!

Here’s how to make the perfect fruity smoothie!


First of all, smoothies breaks down into three parts:

1. Frozen
2. Fresh
3. Liquid

Your two main options here are ice and frozen fruit. I love using frozen fruit because you’re not watering down your smoothies and they blend easier and into a nice smooth texture. I usually go for strawberries and or/mango, both of which are easy to find pre-cut and frozen at the grocery store. You can also freeze older bananas or any fruit of your choice! Just make sure you clean and cut them before you freeze them. Ice can also bulk up a smoothie with just fruit!

My favorite and go to for this is banana but this could be anything! From berries, to spinach or kale, to banana or apple. You could also add yogurt here, for a creamier smoothie. You really need some kind of fresh fruit to compliment your frozen component (and obviously for the fruit part if you’re using ice) or it just tastes a little icy. This is a real flavor booster!

You need a liquid so that everything will blend! For optimal fruit flavor, go for orange juice! It goes with strawberry/banana, or mango and tropical fruits! The tanginess of orange is a really great complement to creamy banana. Another easy option is milk, since you probably always have it in your fridge. Almond milk is another fave of mine. Any juice or milk will work!


For a strawberry, orange, banana smoothie pictured here use:
2 handfuls of frozen strawberries
1 1/2 banana
about a cup of orange juice

This makes enough for two people. If it’s too thick, add more juice. Too thin, add more frozen berries or some ice. I love this smoothie because it’s pure fruit!


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