Lazy DIY: Painted Vases

So my friend Lauren and I were both Girl Scouts growing up and that’s what we contribute our passion for crafts to. We were feeling sort of crafty a few months ago so we decided to make these!


These are my two.

And they are so easy!

-Acrylic paint
-Glass bottles
-Paper plates
-Cup to clean brushes
-Newspaper or parchment paper to cover your workspace

-All you have to do is find a nice glass bottle, (the ones I used were from apple juice and pomegranate juice) and rinse them out thoroughly. If you had more time than I did, you could even run them through the dishwasher.

-Peel off any labels as best you can. I didn’t think the glue made much of a difference but make sure you get all the paper off.

-Set up your spot to paint in with newspaper or parchment paper on your surface. You’ll also want some paper plates to put your paint on and cups to clean your brushes in.

-Dry your new vases off and get to painting! For the ombre look, I tried to keep my brushstrokes lighter and layer the paint until I got the look I was going for. We used acrylic paint so it doesn’t matter if you go light to dark or dark to light. For the lighter blue, I started with the teal paint and slowly added white to it to make it lighter. My other one already had the leaf design so I ran with it and painted on the flowers.

– Pro tip: You really don’t need a lot of paint so be conservative when you’re squeezing it out of the tubes!

-I suppose you could coat these with Modge Podge or something similar to make them more waterproof on the outside, so you can clean them, but we didn’t and I’ve been fine just washing them out if I use it as a vase.

I even used the extra paint to paint a small portrait of Lauren’s cat Zoë!
Follow Zo on Instagram @kittycatzozo!


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