A Weekend in the Catskills

If you live in New York City, then you know, you gotta just get out sometimes! Too long without a break from the constant life of the city and you go a little crazy. That’s just what Brian and I needed this summer and we took the 4th of July weekend to do so! Here’s our lovely weekend in the Catskills:

We left pretty early in the morning to try to beat the traffic and we stopped in Woodstock once we hit the mountains to kill some time before check-in. Woodstock is a cute little town with nice shops and restaurants. It was raining but we ducked into some little stores and ended up getting lunch at Oriole9. The wait was kind of long and the service wasn’t great but the food was really good.  10487479_10152274737318790_3926978626445244928_nRainy Woodstock

From Woodstock, we drove to Pine Hill where we were staying. Pine Hill is not much in the way of towns and the Pine Hill Arms is not much in the way of luxury hotels but it was just fine for us. We found out that there was a carnival and fireworks down Route 28 in Margaretville. We set off to check it out and see Margaretville and instead found a hiking map downtown that we desperately needed. We decided to go on a hike and ended up on this crazy loop trail that didn’t end at the parking lot. We had to drive really far off 28 to get there so by the time we made it back, we were ready for dinner. We ended up at Maine Black Bear in Arkville. I ordered a whole lobster and Brian got shrimp scampi. It was so delicious and fresh and the staff was so friendly. We’d definitely go back!


The next day we drove up to Saugerties. We walked around town a bit and then drove out to the lighthouse. It’s a nice walk from the parking lot to the lighthouse itself, down a sandy path on the Hudson. The lighthouse is actually a B&B so you can’t go in, but outside is super cute and it’s definitely worth heading out to. Then we drove to the Kaaterskill Falls. This was so awesome. The drive up to the top is really beautiful and it’s just a short walk down to the river and the top of the falls. We walked around in the river and then walked on a non-trail to get a side view of the falls. You couldn’t see that well but the glimpses we got through the trees was enough! It’s beautiful.

10273809_10152274639418790_7306703940543023104_n Saugerties Lighthouse

10516679_10152275514263790_3104168853482568685_n Kaaterskill Falls

We ended up eating dinner in Phoenicia, which is a super cute little town on the river. We rested up at the hotel before heading down to Margaretville for some fireworks! The carnival was still up and running so we got some sweets to eat while we watched the fireworks.


The next day was our last day away! We packed up and grabbed some breakfast at Phoenicia Diner (love it!) and headed down the Hudson to Kingston where we took a little swim in the river before heading home. We stopped in Poughkeepsie for lunch and made it back to Brooklyn for dinner. A great weekend trip!


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